New Exercise Ball on Fit Dog Friday

Hello Internet,

So yesterday I picked up a 65cm Gold’s Gym exercise ball for the beast. I love having physical things to do with her inside the house for days when the weather just does not allow us outside. I’m also working on building a back stall and a rebound off my hip and need to get the Beast some better balance skills (she falls off of the sofa too often, clumsy thing, not like her human at all, nope). I’m working very close to the ground and very sparingly since Lila is under a year, but I see no reason why the early skills can’t be built up while we’re waiting for her growth plates to set.


We previously had an inflatable exercise “bean” which I liked and Lila had a great time balancing on it. However, in my infinite wisdom, I thought it’d be a good idea to create lots of positive experiences with the giant new green spaceship thing, and let Lila to play with it. the bean now has a giant hole in that is ineffectively sealed with duct tape. I now know better. The beast has mighty jaws and they should be respected and not used to snap at bouncy exercise equipment.

You mess with the beast, you get popped.

You mess with the beast, you get popped.

The ball is great though. It’s pretty tricky for Lila to balance on in a good way. She’s able to sit and stand and up and off. The ultimate goal is to have her sit pretty, but that’s a long ways away. I want to find a nice base for the ball, but the rubber bin I got is much too large. Right now I’m bracing it with my legs which I don’t mind, but it would be easier if I could stand.

Lila really enjoys working with the ball.

I also now have a massive blue exercise ball in my living room due to having a small apartment with limited closet space. It’s a major aesthetic commitment, but a heck of a good footstool.

It's a lifestyle choice

It’s a lifestyle choice

What do you think Internet? What dog related eyesores do you have in your house? What do you do to tire your dogs our indoors?

All the best Internet,

Big and Little Beast

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8 thoughts on “New Exercise Ball on Fit Dog Friday

  1. Hello Lila and welcome to FitDog Friday. We’re lucky enough to have a garage to keep most of the eyesores out of sight, but we have lots of toys and dogs beds for the two of the decorating the house. The exercise ball is a great tool though – can’t wait to see what you learn on it.

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  2. Using the ball for a footstool is brilliant. I’ve had these items in the middle of my living room (but not all at once): weave poles, a tunnel, wobble board, balance disc, Step 360, K9FitBone, numerous dog beds and toys, a box for box games… yep, my decor sounds a bit like yours!!

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